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1.  Aux. Relay Cube 12 VDC 40A/30A
2.  Diode 3 Amp. 100 PIV Motorola
3.  Aux. Relay Cube 24 VDC 20A/15A
4.  DSC 12 Vdc Start Solenoid
5.  DSC 24 Vdc Start Solenoid
6.  OMRON Relay Gen Purpose 12V
7.  OMRON Socket Relay 11 Pin

Aux. Relay Cube 12 VDC 40A/30A

AR12 - Aux. Relay Cube 12 VDC 40A/30A
Type: Cube Relay
Voltage: 12 VDC
Amperage: 40A (NO) 30A (NC)
Quantity on hand: 504
Lead Time To Ship If Not In Stock: 2W
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