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1.  VDO Oil Pressure Sender 150PSI
2.  Aux. Relay Cube 12 VDC 40A/30A
3.  VDO Oil Pressure Sender 80 PSI
4.  DSC Magnetic Pickup 5/8-18
5.  Hotstart Tank Heater 1500W
6.  VDO Temperature Sender 250F
7.  Hotstart Tank Heater 1500W
8.  DSC Rubber Panel Mount Kit
9.  VMC Vibration Isolator 70lbs
10.  VDO Oil Pressure Sender 30 PSI

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Sens MicroGenius 2 Now Available

Hurricane Season Is Here!

SENS announces a revolutionary family of battery chargers for the engine‐generator starting and marine markets. Called the MicroGenius 2, the new chargers can nearly double the life of most genset starting batteries and conserve enough energy over time to pay for themselves.

MicroGenius 2 chargers deliver up to 50% more power with models at nearly one eighth the weight and one quarter the volume of comparable legacy chargers. Patented Dynamic Boost recharges batteries in the shortest possible time, while minimizing the risk of overcharging.

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For sale at Davidson Sales for Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Outside of our territory, please contact Sens directly.

Seventy percent of all power outages are caused by inclement weather. There is no time to be more wary of this than during hurricane season. The erratic and powerful winds, flooding and lightning that accompany hurricanes put homes, businesses and entire communities at great risks for power failures. The loss of electricity during a natural disaster is both extremely dangerous and extremely expensive. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for such a calamitous event. The best way to do this is to have your backup power ready.

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We also sell block heaters, generator control panels / annunciators, gauges, senders, and magnetic pickups. If you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call...

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